Ninebyfour LED Lamp

Ninebyfour LED Lamp - LumberJac

There is nothing like the Ninebyfour LED Lamp. If you’re into minimalism, then you might want to check out the Ninebyfour LED lamp. Designed by Waarmakers, the Ninebyfour LED tube fixture focuses primarily on the unique grain structure of the wood it’s made from. Made in Amsterdam, this limited edition lamp comes from a single piece of salvaged wood locally sourced from Amsterdam. A interesting added feature (besides the fact that there are no two lamps alike), is that each lamp comes with exact coordinates disclosing where the tree originated. The Ninebyfour lamp comes with a height-adjust system made from the same tree, a Philips Master Led Tube as well as a beautiful red cloth wire. As minimalistic design goes, this gets 2 thumbs up from us, throw in the fact that it’s reusing trees destined for the fire place and you have a great product that is also sustainable.

Get yours from Waarmakers online store.