Y-3 Snow Model Shoe

Y-3 Snow Model - LumberJac

Take it to the snow with the Y-3 Snow Model Shoe. The Y stands for Yohji Yamamoto, the 3 stands for the signature three stripes of Adidas, and together they’ve become a statement of  unmistakable character. Yohji Yamamoto and his Y3 collection is pure brilliance. He re-mixes iconic superstar Adidas style with a bit of slope inspired uniqueness. The Y-3 Snow Model features a unique bootie design with speed lacing and a stretch collar. Made using tumbled leather with a padded nylon elastic collar and a lining of mesh and canvas; he combines patterns, materials, and sweet color combos like nothing we’ve seen before. Available in three styles, Y-3 Honja High and the Y-3 Honja Low, wonderful slimmed down versions of the skate-inspired look, his design style is perfect meshing with the Adidas brand.

Pick one up or all three at the Y-3 online store.

Y-3 Shoe Collection - LumberJac