Portable Smartphone Fishfinder Sonar

Portable Smartphone Fishfinder Sonar - LumberJac

If you’re as good of a fisherman as us, you’ll definitely need the Portable Smartphone Fishfinder Sonar. We like to think we’re pros, but we usually burn all our time finding and testing new fishing spots, and when we finally start fishing, we lose more lures than catch fish. What’s most interesting about this Portable Sonar is the whole fishing package smartphone app (iOS and Android). It features a built-in GPS and detailed satellite map so you can precisely tracker plan all your favorite spots, log your catches with condition specific information and photos which gives you the ability to share it with your trusted fishing network. This app also includes weather conditions and moon cycles. The best part is the bluetooth enabled hardware sonar device. Simply toss the floatable device into the water and it instantly connects to the app telling you the depth and temperature of the water, maps the bottom of the water body, and if and what depth the fish are swimming. It’s military grade so you won’t have to worry about it breaking down anytime soon, and small enough to easily fit in your tackle box.

Get yours here at the FishHunter online store.