Quiet Wooden Cross Country Skis

Quiet Wooden Cross Country Skis - LumberJac

Old school materials meet new school ways with the Quiet Wooden Cross Country Skis. If you’re into setting fresh tracks, whether it’s cross country or a back country adventure then you better check these classic skies out. Ronning Ski is a family owned business that started way before our time in Norway in 1936 making limited numbers of quality wooden skis. The Quiet Cross Country Ski is one of 3 in their lineup that utilizes laminated wood to provide an experience only wood can provide. Each ski is meticulously crafted using birch or ash, and is comprised of up to 50 laminates. Due to their small product runs, Ronning Ski prides itself on quality and craftsmanship resulting in a ski with an incredible long lifespan. Although there are numerous other materials out, nothing can quite compare to woods great response with natural stick and slip qualities, its wonderful beauty, and long life.

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