Abus Kranium Performance Helmet

Abus Kranium Performance Helmet - LumberJac

In rock, paper, and scissors, the Abus Kranium Performance Helmet always wins. Paper has done some amazing things, but the ability to protect ones melon is something new. With three years of development under their thumb, Kranium and Abus, have created a helmet that defies the common perception of what cardboard can and cannot do. For starters this beaut’ features 3 x better absorption when compared to Polystyrene, (a fact that is quite stunning and a little hard to believe). I know what you’re thinking, what about rain? The helmet is coated in a waterproof agent that prevents the cardboard shell from soaking up the water like a sponge. Made using recycled materials, this sustainable and super lightweight helmet (15% lighter than your typical polystyrene lid) combines features that are inspired by nature. The Abus Kranium Performance Helmet is one truly stunning helmet that pushes design boundaries and use of materials, all while taking the environment into consideration. All we have to say is nice work.

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