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Axe 2 Kevlar Shirt

Axe 2 Kevlar Shirt - LumberJac

The Axe 2 Kevlar Shirt may not be bullet proof, but it’s pretty darn close. Just cause’ you ride, doesn’t mean you need to wear cowhide. The Axe 2 Kevlar Shirt by Crave is the perfect alternative when leather’s just not an option. This shirt may be designed for motorcyclists, but it’s really for anyone who loves to ride, whether that’s snowboarding, skiing, DH biking; or any other type of free riding. The Axe 2 is made with Kevlar that is sandwiched between an external polyester/lycra fabric and a comfortable internal lining. If you didn’t feel the Kevlar was enough, this shirt has pockets for back, arm, and elbow protection pads. Crave has also considered our gadget lifestyle by including pockets pretty much everywhere you’ll need one. Specifically on the sleeve, zipped wrist pocket, inner zip lining pocket, and two small outer breast pockets. Currently the Axe 2 Kevlar Shirt is only available in Hornet (yellow/black), and Bear (tan/brown).

Get yours at Crave’s website.