Esox Junior Lure

Essox Junior - LumberJac

Introducing the new Esox Junior 2014 collection by Lucky Lures, the perfect way to reel in the big one. Searching for the perfect lure can be as frustrating as finding the ideal spot to cast your line. Built from passion, the Esox Junior combines a level of detail, artistry, and uncompromising beauty unheard of in the spin cast realm. Each lure is hand crafted from the finest materials in a small workshop located in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Smaller brother to the Esox V2 (a famous big swimbait which measures 35 cm long and weighs 270 grams), the Esox Junior measures 24 cm and weighs 95 grams. The body is created with pressure casted solid resin for strength and ultimate toughness, and is finished with a masterful airbrushed paint job. Fishing has nothing to do with luck, it’s about having the right tools to do the job right. Lucky lure have brought their A game to the fishing hole, creating visually stunning lures that bridge the gap between beauty, functionality, and artistry.

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Esox Junior - LumberJac