J-TEK One - LumberJac

Bring back the meaning of true sound with the J-TEK One sound system by Jarre. Jarre Technologies has a single vision for their product line, and that is to create a high quality contemporary system that restores emotion lost whilst listening to music. Since their brand launched in 2011, they have created one of the most powerful loudspeaker, as well as some unforgettable products. The J-TEK One is a stunning example of their style, and this portable system and its bright colors would fit an urban lifestyle perfectly. With its high definition sound and simple peg board style influence, it incorporates bluetooth with two 5W passive subwoofers. It further supports file types such as MP3, AAC, WMA, protected AAC and WAV files. Available in nine different colors, the J-TEK One is ready to command your attention.

Pick one up at Jarre’s online store.