Longgrill - LumberJac

The Longgrill asks the question, what’s more mesmerizing, the fire? or the sizzle of the cooking food? We haven’t thought much about bbqin’ as of late, but with the temperature rising, there is nothing better than grillin’ up a great piece of meat on the open fire. The Longgrill by Liebdhaften answers these questions by bringing together this age old ritual. With its sleek, long, and minimalistic design, steel structure, and integrated grill; the Longgrill allows you to take advantage of the brilliant coals, all while maintaining a hypnotic fire on the other side. What a awesome idea. There is nothing more that we hate then having no fire while cooking our dinner. Made using COR-TEN steel, designers Christian Kusenbach and Martin Sessler used this long lasting timeless material (will develop a slight rust, but never rust entirely through) to create an ageless design.

Available at CONNOX Living and Design online shop.