ORONTAS Bike Maintenance Collection

Orontas - LumberJac

Can your bike get any greener with the ORONTAS Bike Maintenance Collection? Bike maintenance is a dirty job, and we hate getting our hands dirty with toxic grease and lube. We realize it’s part of owning a bike, but with the amount of lube and grease used it can’t be good for us, or the environment. Orontas (a Canadian company based out of Toronto), has developed a line of products with a focus on quality, sustainability, and uncompromising performance. Their collection ranges from chain oil, chain degreaser, assemble and bearing grease, and all-purpose lubricant. Each of their bike maintenance collections is handcrafted and responsibly made with a commitment to local production that allows for a 100% guarantee on quality control.  If all companies could be as committed to perform without compromises, imagine what the future would be like?

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