X-Bionic Trekking Shirt

X-Bionic Trekking Shirt - LumberJac

The X-Bionic Trekking Shirt exemplifies the meaning of true under armor. Not only will you feel like Superman in this shirt, you may actually be able to out perform your previous personal records. The X-Bionic Trekking shirt is a combination of an under layer and functional fabric protection. It’s more than just a snug fitting shirt, it’s packed full of fabric technologies such as Airduct shoulder pads (5mm thick woven pads that disperse pressure from your backpack’s straps while effectively venting and cooling), 3D-BionicSphere System on chest, back, and tailbone (patented system of quickly removing precise amounts sweat from your body); SweatTraps (traps and wicks perspiration before you feel it), AirDuct HipPads (pads that spread the pressure from your backpack’s hip belt), and the Air-Conditioning Channel (allows air to flow around and throughout the shirt). We’re not the only ones who realize the benefits of their fancy technologies, this Swiss company has been recognized for numerous awards and distinctions in the apparel industry.

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