Best Made American Felling Axe

Best Made American Felling Axe 1 - LumberJack

Chop to perfection with a Best Made American Felling Axe. Best Made has an arsenal of great products, but they’re known and revered for their all-American made axes. At first blush these axes don’t look much different than what you have kicking around the cabin, but they’ve been designed from the ground-up for improved cutting, chip throwing, efficiency, comfort and safety. For starters, Best Made sourced the iconic American made 4lb Dayton pattern head. This axe is forged with America 5160 alloy steel and hardened to a Rockwell hardness of 54-56 HRC (typical axe head hardened is about 45-50 HRC). The handles are crafted from premium straight-grain hickory, then finished with Best Made’s iconic paint livery. Each axe comes protected with a hand crafted wood box and a bridle leather sheath. These are all-purpose yard/camping axes, so don’t expect you’ll beat the VIPUKIRVES Leveraxe in a straight up lumber cutting contest.

Many livery options to choose from and all available through Best Made’s online store.

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