Black Out Light

Black Out Light - LumberJac

The Black Out Light combines true designer form with all the function. Whether you regularly use your flashlight, or often put it away until it is needed, the Black Out Light shines a little light on the typical mundane flashlight design. Designer box and their unique store have given the opportunity for many design houses to dream up and create unique items. 5.5 designstudio has taken full advantage of this applying their unconventional style to a product that would often be overlooked. The Black light is made using a stainless steel cylinder, a red painted turned wood on/off switch, a natural leather strap, and a cork pad which serves as a resting base. With its perfectly tailored design I could see this being a household regular. However, I wouldn’t see  myself taking this on any backcountry camping trip.

With limited quantities, hurry and order yours at Designer Box’s online store.

Black Out Light Side - LumberJac

Black Out Light - LumberJac

Black Out Light Components - LumberJac

Black Out Light On - LumberJac