Kranked Electric Ego

Kranked Electric Ego - LumberJac

The Kranked Electric Ego makes it possible to ride your favorite DH trails uphill without breaking a sweat. The Ego is the highest performance electric-assist mountain bike kit that mounts to your prized Santa Cruz bike. Designed and conceived in the Alps, the Ego is a world leader in electric drive trains, controllers, and motors built for the toughest mountains. Kranked has merged this revolutionary mountain motor technology with one of the world’s best mountain bikes to create a true (up and down) all-mountain machine. The Ego is a 2400w mid-drive electrical system that mounts directly in front of the crank. Depending on your laziness, the free-wheeling system will allow you to use the bike fully pedaled, pedal-assisted, or fully assisted. The system features a twist grip throttle and an off-bike battery storage. Kranked sells the system fully built with choice of a V10, Bronson, Nomad, Heckler or Tallboy. If you already own a Santa Cruz, or would like to inquire about adding the Ego to your treasured mountain bike, Kranked sells the Ego separately and provides full installation.

Contact Kranked about a custom build or purchase the Ego separately.

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