Mystile Vine Concrete Wall Tile

Vine Concrete Tile - LumberJac

Let your walls come to life with the Mystile Vine Concrete Wall Tile. Every once and awhile something comes along that pushes the boundaries of what is perceivable. Who knew that concrete, such a cold material, could present such a warm idea? The Vine Concrete Wall Tile by Gillian Blease is a fabulous 3-dimensional tile that breathes life into ordinary spaces. Blease’s design evolved from her passion with gardens, and her fascination for plant life both from botanical and aesthetic perspectives. Kaza Concrete, a focused fine-concrete and manufacturing company, has seamlessly transformed her design work into a 3D presence. This goes above and beyond what wallpaper has ever tried to achieve. With its simplistic form and design, the Mystile Vine Concrete Wall Tile reaches out like no other material can.

Available in a multitude of colors inquire about them here.

Vine Concrete Tile Detail - LumberJac

Vine Concrete Tile Detail - LumberJac

Vine Concrete Tile Individual – LumberJac