Triangulum Fire Pit

Triangulum Fire Pit - LumberJack

The Triangulum Fire Pit is firewood’s paradise. You just might be more mesmerized by the unique design of the Triangulum than the ever engaging fire. Like the traditional camping firepit, the Triangulum was designed by Hard Goods to draw guests around for conversation and experience the warmth of the fire. This fire pit is elevated about a foot off the ground so you don’t have to slouch or lean forward to get warm, and no tall chimneys or covers impede your vision of seeing across the fire. The ingenious design of the vertical slots continuously drain ashes from the fire and provide the adequate amount of air to keep the fire perfectly stoked. When not in use these slots also funnel water and snow away, leaving you with a surface always ready for that perfect fire. The Triangulum is made with durable composite concrete and is about three feet in diameter so don’t be expecting to easily move this on your own.

Select from dark or light concrete colours, and available directly from the Hard Good’s store.