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Jackson Jacket

Jackson Jacket - LumberJac

Get your urban fix with the Jackson Jacket from Upright Cyclist. Motorcycle ware is appealing on so many levels, usually it’s designed to be functional yet tough as nails. The folks at Upright Cyclist were intrigued and inspired which resulted in a cycling jacket that is a must-have for any cyclist. Made using a combination of cotton and spandex, this mid-weight jacket offers stretchable yet rugged comfort, something any cyclist would appreciate. In addition to the beauty and brawn are some great features such as longer sleeves, multiply vents, as well as a rear convertible mudflap. Don’t let the name fool you though, this ain’t no wanna-be thriller jacket. The only thing in common with the king of pop is that it hits all the high notes right on cue.

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Jackson Jacket Back - LumberJac

Jackson Jacket Detail - LumberJac

Jackson Jacket In Use - LumberJac