Siphon/Vacuum Coffee Maker

Siphon-Vacuum-Coffee-Maker - LumberJac

Be prepared for one of the best cups of coffee with the Siphon/Vacuum Coffee Maker by Hario. There’s nothing new about this mad scientist machine, it was originally designed in the 1830’s but fell off the face of the earth in the 60’s due to the much quicker conventional drip-style coffee maker. The siphon/vacuum coffee making process is actually pretty basic, as the water heats up it gets siphoned up into the coffee grounds, then as the heat decreases the coffee is filtered and released back into the bottom bulb. If you’re willing to wait through this long drawn process you’ll be in for some very impressive coffee. Most Siphon/Vacuum machines come standard with alcohol burners, but we recommend using an adjustable butane burner to increase brewing times and increase water temperature.

Get your Hario Siphon/Vacuum Coffee Maker here and the Butane Burner here.