Tenkara Tenton Rod Package

Tenkara-rod-1 - LumberJac

There’s no wrong way to fish with a Teton Rod by Tenkara Rod Co. Do away with expensive and complex rod systems and try something a little more simplified. The Teton Rod package comes with everything you need to get started regardless your experience level.  This crazy light rod extends to 12 feet and features a hand-crafted single strand line, a line spool, and three hand tied flies. The Teton rod provides 6:4 action with precise control and features a swivel tip to help keep your line from getting tangled. When closed, the rod measures about 20 inches and weighs precisely 3.2 oz, perfect to pack during those afternoon hikes.

Get the Teton Package directly through Tenkara’s online store or the Teton rod through Amazon.

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