ATKM Runway Model Maxi Bag

ATKM Runway Model Maxi - LumberJac

Strength, beauty and brawn takes flight with the ATKM Runway Model Maxi Bag. If you’re looking for something that is practically bullet proof (well maybe not quite, but close enough) than the boys down under have put their muscles where their design is. Made in Australia, the Runway Model Maxi is manufactured using Australian Made 300gsm canvas and comes with a handy removable padded interior diver. With time, the 17″ bag only gets better creating a texture that is unique to each owner. In addition,  only 10-per design are manufactured,  making your unique piece a direct extension of your character.

Available in 17″. 15′ and 13″ you can pick yours up at All the Kings Men online store.

ATKM Runway Model Maxi Detail - LumberJac

ATKM Runway Model Maxi Latch - LumberJac