Boat Blanket

Boat-Blanket - LumberJac

If your tent springs a leak, never fear with the Boat Blanket by Object Interface. The Boat Blanket will keep you both warm and dry as it’s the perfect multifunctional blanket. Quilted on both sides and insulted for extra comfort, one side is made with water resistant nylon, and the other side is made with wool. I can’t recall how many times I could have benefited from one of these packed and ready to take out at a moment’s notice. Not only will this keep your dry and warm while it’s raining, you can flip it over and relax on the wet grass when the sun comes up. The Boat Blanket measures just shy of 5′ square, and is made in Canada. Only one question remains, how itchy is the wool?

Select from three colors and available directly through Object Interface’s online store.

Boat-Blanket-grey-and-camo - LumberJac