Deer Skin Apron

Deer-Skin-Apron-1 - LumberJac

Say hello to one of the few studio worthy aprons, the Deer Skin Apron by Will Leather Goods. We’ve seen an onslaught of waxed canvas and denim aprons, but nothing comes close to the realm of a full blown deer hide apron. Will Leather Goods uses wild North American deer hides for their inherent toughness, durability and longevity. Deer hide are also much more absorbent than other leathers, allowing for better dying during the tanning process. Like that old baseball glove your dad handed down to you, this apron will witness a generation of some of the best and worst ideas. These aprons might be quadruple the price of those canvas competitors, but you won’t have to worry about some nasty liquid soaking into these hides, one simple wipe and it’s like new.

Select from a range of seven colors and available directly from Will Leather Goods online store.

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