Earin Wireless Earbuds

Earin Wireless Earbuds - LumberJac

Rid yourself of wires with the Earin Wireless Earbuds. Introducing the smallest, wireless earbuds designed to give you the most comfortable music experience. The Earin are hassle-free, no sensors, no cords, no buttons, no user interface; simply pair your Earins with your device and you’re good to go. The Earin doesn’t have a microphone or any other gimmicks, just the best wireless audio experience engineered by acoustic designers and mechanical and electronic engineers who bring experience from Sony Ericsson and Nokia. These earbuds are designed to seamless fit in your ear, but they do come with a set of sized foam tips and a concha lock (f0r those bumpy rides). When not in use, just store your Earins in the supplied compact capsule and they automatically charge.

The Earin has already reached its kickstarter goal, so congratulate and pre-order yours here.

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