Fredericks & Mae Darts/Dartboard Collection

Fredericks & Mae Darts - LumberJac

You’ll be right on target with the Fredericks & Mae Darts/Dartboard Collection. If you’re a long time dart junkie like me, then the Fredericks & Mae Darts/Dartboard Collection is a must-have for your collection. Darts historically were used for warfare like miniature javelins (which remind me when my friend threw and stuck a dart in his brother’s head, oh those were the days). Over time it has evolved into a game of skill. Fredericks & Mae have taken the dart one step further creating a signature collection using maple, thread, actual feathers, and steel. Along with the artisan darts, they have created a unique dartboard that is just as stunning as the darts. Made using baltic birch and plywood, it is nothing like its historical brother, a cross-section of a dried tree. As darts go, these are some serious custom darts, although I probably wouldn’t cart them around to the local pub because a) they are just to damn good looking and b) I might question their accuracy.

Darts are available in two sizes, individually or as a group and can be picked up at Federicks & Mae’s online store.

Fredericks & Mae Darts3 - LumberJac

Fredericks & Mae Darts2 - LumberJac

Fredericks & Mae Dartboard4 - LumberJac

Fredericks & Mae DartBoard3 - LumberJac