ICON E-Flyer Electric Bike

ICON-E-Flyer-Electric-Bike-1 - LumberJac

Give your legs a rest with the ICON E-Flyer Electric Bike. This bike may be inspired by the WWI era motordrome board racer bikes, but it’s far from vintage. Each E-Flyer is handcrafted by the renowned ICON, and is equipped with one of the latest EV systems that will take you about 30-35 miles without breaking a sweat. The top speed is 20mph in street mode, and 36 in race mode. It takes roughly 2 hours to full charge the battery, but if your ride includes some heavy braking you’ll be happy to know you’ll be recharging as you brake, thanks to the regenerative braking system. When you do run out of juice be prepared to peddle 57 pound, which isn’t that bad for a cruiser fitted with a full EV system. What you lose on weight but gain on style is the classic looking CREE LED headlight. The frame is made with hydroformed aluminum, and the amazing leather work is hand done by our good friends at Brooks England. This bike has so much style it demands a matching wardrobe.

The limited edition is in short supply of 50, so get one while you can directly at ICON’s site.

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