Matsuda x Odin Collection

Matsuda x Odin Sunglass Collection - LumberJac

Introducing the new Matsuda x Odin Collection, a pair of sunglasses with an eye on great design. We loathe cheap sunglasses that only last as long as the trend they’re based on. The Matsuda x Odin Collection, we are pleased to say, are the exact opposite to this. Handmade in Japan, the collection consists of two styles, a classic silhouette in acetate, as well as a squared-off aviator style, in metal. Although both shades are classically styled, they incorporate simple yet sophisticated details which highlight both companies innovative style and high design. As certain as the sun rises, this limited collection by Matsuda x Odin will always provide style no matter the time or place.

Available in wide range of colors, they’ll be soon offered on Odin New York Online. If you can’t wait, get yours now at Colette’s online store.

Matsuda x Odin Sunglasses Collection8 - LumberJac

Matsuda x Odin Sunglass Collection - LumberJac

Matsuda x Odin Sunglasses Collection7 - LumberJac

Matsuda x Odin Sunglasses Collection6 - LumberJac