Singular Wall Console

Retire those old static shelves, the Singular Wall Console has arrived. The Singular is a completely modular shelf designed for our busy lifestyles. Give your kitchen counter or dining table a break, and unload your daily carry gear on a shelf designed for whatever you throw at it. Whether you need a level surface, angled surface, or a combination of the two; simply re-purpose the Singular to meet your needs. All the hardware is hidden and the modular components are magnetically secured into place. Hand crafted in Portland, Oregon from your choice of a solid block of walnut, white oak and ash, then when re-assembled the wood grains seamlessly align.

Available through the Singular online store.

Singular-Wall-Console-4 - LumberJac

Singular-Wall-Console-2 - LumberJacSingular-Wall-Console-3 - LumberJacSingular-Wall-Console-5 - LumberJac