The Original Tool Book

Original-Tool-Book-1 - LumberJac

Get your tools The Original Tool Book, and they’ll forever be indebted. After a long hard day in the garage the last thing your tools want is to be thrown back in the cold hard tool box. If you’re like us you probably have a spare set of Allan keys and some pliers packed away on your ride, but let’s be honest, they’re absolutely useless if you break down. With the Original Tool Book you can carry your most reliable set of ratchets, sockets, Allan keys, pliers, screw drivers, wrenches, pocket knife, and whatever else you need to tune your ride. Unlike other tool rolls, the Tool Book features a zipped pocket for all those loose items such as wire, zip ties, first aid kit and your emergency cash. Hand crafted in Brooklyn, the Tool Book is made with Martexin waxed canvas and detailed with premium leather.

Available through Cotter Pin’s online store.

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