Ti-KLAX Lumberjack Multi-tool/Axe

Ti-KLAX - LumberJac

The Ti-KLAX Lumberjack Multi-tool/Axe does more than just chop. Anyone who loves the outdoors has to get their hands on one of these. The Ti-KLAX Lumberjack incorporates a bunch of handy tools within the head of an axe. Unlike traditional axes, the Ti-KLAX has some serious advantages going for it. First, you can tear this baby down and use its handy carabiner to hang it from your pack. There is a Hex Wrench, 1/4″ Bit Drive Socket, trusty bottle opener and of course, the KLAX clamping system. The KLAX clamping system is a super cool idea that allows you to attach it to one of their hickory handles, or if you’re in a bind, pretty much whatever you can get your hands on. Made using Titanium, the Ti-KLAX weights in at an ultralight 7.4oz, and joins the stainless steel Lumberjack, Feller and Woodsman models. The Ti-KLAX is one serious multi-tool that is as innovative as they come, however, don’t throw your woodsman axe out just yet, you’ll need it for splittin’ everything else.

With a fully funded Kickstarter campaign, pre-order yours now from Klecker Knives online store.

Ti-KLAX1 - LumberJac

KLAX1 - LumberJac

KLAX-Lumberjack - LumberJac

KLAX-Feller - LumberJac

KLAX-Woodsman - LumberJac