Anarcho Pax Walker BackPack

Anarcho-Pax-Walker-Back-Pack - LumberJac

Hike in style with the Anarcho Pax Walker BackPack by Mountain Research. It’s a modern take on the traditional rucksack. At first blush this pack might not come across as anything special, but the closer you look you’ll start to appreciate the details, craftsmanship, and amazing use of materials. I love the mix of stark white nylon and polyethylene against the rustic cow leather, sheep hair, and the traditional yellow nylon drawstring. The Anarcho Pax is weatherproof and features two side zip pockets and one large divided main compartment. It also comes standard with a strengthened metal back support for those extra heavy loads. This pack will be perfect for those day or afternoon hikes where weight and size aren’t your biggest concern, or if you need a stylish pack for the daily grind.

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Anarcho-Pax-Walker-Back-Pack-2 - LumberJac