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ArcticSilver - LumberJac

Introducing the innovative and exclusive ArcticSilver Limited Edition Rods. As fishing goes, the book hasn’t changed much. Yes, there have been advances, but I guarantee you haven’t seen anything quite like this. The ArticSilver is one sexy, super slick design that originated in a passion for nature, friends, and the magic moments why we enjoy fishing so much. Their concept all lies within the butt section of the blank, and its patented innovative Free-Flex design. The simple yet logical principle allows you to load the rod all the way into the butt section of the handle which equates to a sensitive and precise feeling. An Ergonomic well thought out handle design complements the overall innovative design, and is topped off with a handy user friendly patented Quick Lock System that clicks the reel into place. The ArticSilver is available in two versions, a 100% CNC-machined aluminum, and very exclusive titanium edition. The ArcticSilver and its iconic Scandinavian design is set to test the waters to become more than just a trendsetter, but a force to be reckon with.

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ArcticSilver Rod - LumberJac

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