Cylo Bike

Cylo - LumberJac

Urban integration couldn’t come any easier with the Cylo Bike. With all the urban commuters out there (us included,) it’s about time someone designed a bike that addresses our unique needs. The Cylo is one slick urban machine that functionally integrates a speedy urban bomber bike with the comforts of a trusty commuter. They have thought of all the necessities with features such as dynamo LED powered lights (finally no more annoying batteries), an actual working brake light, fenders, and a feature we totally dig, a carbon belt drive. Available in three colors and your choice of single speed, 3 speed, and 11 Speed; you’re sure to own one of the leanest, cleanest, meanest fighting machines on the block.

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Cylo1 - LumberJac

Cylo2 - LumberJac

Cylo3 - LumberJac

Cylo4 - LumberJac