E+M Clutch Pencil

EM-Clutch-Pencil1 - LumberJac

The E+M Clutch Pencil is space worthy. Rumor has it NASA spent about $12 billion to develop a “space pen”, while Russian astronauts simply used pencils. It may only be a rumor, but it goes to show you the best solutions are sometimes the most simple. We’ve tried virtually every type of pen, marker, tablet, and stylus (still need to try the space pen), however, we always come back to the classic pencil. As you can relate, the traditional wood pencil works perfectly fine, but you can never get a wide edge, and once the tip snaps you’re left searching for a sharpener. The E+M Clutch Pencil holds the extra large 5.5 mm lead insert, and is available in three optional wood handles. If you’re newbie to the clutch pencil, you gotta opt for the B or 2B lead.

Available through Pulp’s online store.