Farmer’s Racer Backpack

Farmers Racing Backpack1 - LumberJac

Vintage is re-made with the Farmer’s Racer Backpack. There is something to be said of owning vintage pieces, they represent a time when quality actually stood for something. Handcrafted in Sweden, Farmer’s Racer and their Backpacks come as close to vintage as possible. With Vintage sewing machines, they sew each bag using heavy duty cotton creating a rugged pack with a character of its own. On top of the 900 gram cotton, the bag is lined with a 1.5 mm recycled rubber sheet, making it next to water proof.  This backpack further uses 3.5 mm leather details topped with DOT fasteners. We totally dig what Farmer’s Racer has done with their backpack, choosing materials that not only represent quality (as they say), but also act as a collector of time.

Start making one yours at Farmer’s Racer’s online store.

Farmers Racing Backpack - LumberJac

Farmers Racing Backpack2 - LumberJac

Farmers Racing Backpack Back - LumberJac

Farmers Racing Backpack Detail - LumberJac

Farmers Racing Backpack Action - LumberJac