Fugoo Wireless Speaker

Fugoo-speaker-1 - LumberJac

Meet Fugoo, the four season, all-adventure wireless speaker. This little juggernaut will withstand any conditions, and can be taken virtually anywhere. It’s mud proof, snow and ice proof, water proof and shock proof; what more do you need? Obviously there are limitations, it will withstand the cold up to -10 C, and will keep the water out at 1 meter deep for up to 30 mins. It’s crated from fiber-reinforced resin and solid aluminum, and the exterior shell is interchangeable for when you want to change styles. Aside from its rugged exterior, this little machine has some impressive guts. The Fugoo delivers 360 degree sound from the six symmetrically placed speakers producing up to 95 dB. It will last up to 40 hours of continuous play, and gives you a range of up to 33 feet through its bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

Available through Fugoo’s online store.

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