Met Parachute HES Mtb Full Face Helmet

Parachute HES Red - LumberJac

Introducing the 2014 Met Parachute HES Mtb Full Face Helmet, the lightest full face safety net for your noggin. There is nothing worse than strapping on a helmet that feels like it weighs more than your bike. Well, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement, but the Parachute HES is one of the lightest full face helmets on the market. It weighs in at an astonishing 700 grams, and accomplishes it without cutting any corners. This helmet is further certified according to American ASTM F 1952 standards. As lightness goes, although I don’t count my calories, I must say that it does make a difference, especially since I tend to overheat. Perfectly suited for enduro riders that tackle all sorts of terrain and conditions. The Parachute is not just light, it features a boat load of shit such as Kevlar straps, HES construction (designed to dissipate impact force evenly), and one of favorite features, the built-in camera mount. Although it isn’t available in North America just yet, you can still get it shipped over from across the pond.

Available in three snazzy colors, pick yours up here.

Parachute HES Blue - LumberJac

Parachute HES Orange - LumberJac