Powermonkey Expedition Launch Pack


Introducing the Powermonkey Expedition Portable Generator/Charger Launch Pack, it’s like having power at the end of your finger tips. Power is a precious commodity, especially if you’re out in the middle of nowhere (we’ve been there before). The Powermonkey Expedition is one serious multi-power generator/charger that will make you the almighty gate keeper of the precious resource we call power. Developed by Powertraveller, it is a first in portable power generation that supplies power in numerous ways to your gadgets. The Powermonkey Expedition, as you would expect, is cased in a waterproof aluminum housing that contains a lithium battery that can be charged in three ways: via crank, solar, or AC adapter. Powertraveller has thought of everything with this little hi-tech generator/charger, even going so far as outfitting it for future charging options such as steam turbine, gas and hydrogen (currently in R&D). We can’t wait. The Powermonkey Expedition is one rugged compact generator/charger, and when combined with the Solarmonkey solar panel, it becomes one power happy rough-and-tumble back country expert. So if you’re like us and embrace modern exploration, then you might want to consider the Powermonkey because you’ll never know when your next power outage may strike.

Pre-order your launch pack at Powertravellers online store or check out the Powermonkey Extreme and Explorer models at