Surf Grass Mat

Surf Grass - LumberJac

The grass is always greener on the other side with the Surf Grass Mat. This cheeky play on grass is quite ingenious. Made from high quality synthetic turf, its design utilizes supportive yet ultra soft bristles to dust off dirt after a long day of playing in the surf. Although it is made for surfers, we could see this mat making its way into everything from changin’ out of those muddy cloths after a 4hr mountain biking excursion, to outside of your tent. After all, who wants to track dirt and crap into your car or tent? This is probably one of the simplest ideas that make sense, and the best use of turf since your grandparents covered the cabin deck.

Available in six colors, pick yours up at Surf Grass’s online store.

Surf Grass Colors1 - LumberJac

Surf Grass1 - LumberJac