AltoAir Single Brewer

AltoAir-Single-Brewer-1 - LumberJac

Simplify your morning brew with the AltoAir Single Brewer. If you don’t own a Canadiano and tried paper single brewing you may have experienced an inconsistent brewing flow rate. You may have your beans, grind, and water temp down to a science, but if you’re brewer screws the pooch you might-as-well pack it in and settle for a corner store coffee, and if all else fails, there’s Starbucks. Bairro Alto’s redesigned wall-less brewer helps with unrestricted water and air flow resulting in nothing but perfection. The design allows you to brew over your favorite cup or carafe, and can easily make an additional cup by replacing the filter and beans. The AltoAir is made in the UK with 100% stainless steel. These portable brewers are dishwasher safe and compatible with those standard cone filters.

Available through Bairro Alto’s online store.

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