Coghlans LED Tent Pegs

Coghlans-LED-Tent-Pegs - LumberJac

Kiss the midnight trip goodbye thanks to Coghlans LED Tent Pegs. It seems like a little overkill to light-up your tent lines, but when straggling out of your tent half awake the last thing you’re thinking about is where you pitched the pegs. Leave it to good old Coghlans to install 30 hour lifespan, 9 lumen LED lights to indestructible heavy duty tent pegs. The lights are controlled by a simple on/off switch and can be angled up to 45 degrees to light up the ground or the lines. Batteries can be easily replaced so you’re good for years to come. At $5 per peg you could easily light up your whole site.

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Coghlans-LED-Tent-Pegs-2 - LumberJac