Heimplanet Mavericks Tent

Mavericks-Tent-1 - LumberJac

Amateurs need not apply for the Heimplanet Mavericks Tent. This is one serious tent designed and crafted for every extreme condition except the moon. Based on the same IDG (Inflatable Diamond Grid) technology as The Wedge but taken to the extreme. The Mavericks provides more than 13 square meters of floor space, 2 meters of internal height, 5 partly openable windows and 5 fully openable doors. This tent is literally a basecamp that can be set-up (and taken down) by a single person in a matter of minutes by simply unrolling and inflating. If there is an accident the multi-chamber unit can be separated into 10 individual air chambers to ensure stability and security. This tent may be a behemoth but it’s as stable as a rock. The diamond base structure allows the Mavericks to withstand wind speeds up to 180 km/h. This tent looks and functions like it’s designed for the moon and should only be used in the harshest conditions, way out of reach from any cell service…so don’t consider this as the best choice for your next car camping trip with the family. These aren’t cheap, but they’ll provide and protect when you need it most.

Available in white through Heimplant’s online store.

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