Inspiration Notebook Pad

Inspiration-Notebook-Pad-1 - LumberJac

Your best work is waiting in the 48 page Inspiration Pad. Traditional notebooks are probably our most frequently used tool throughout the day. We tried the tablet and phone thing for sketching ideas, but that last 2 months we’ve resorted back to the old school paper and pencil. Regardless of what technology is thrown at us, nothing beats the freedom and permanence of a good notebook. What’s refreshing about the Inspiration Pad is every spread is uniquely designed utilizing the schoolbook red and blue lines. If you’re stumped with an idea, just turn the page for inspiration. This may not seem like the most appropriate note-taking book, but I’d much rather write my boring notes in this book than any lined Moleskin.

Pick up a few directly through TM’s online store. Shipping included in the price.

Inspiration-Notebook-Pad-4 - LumberJac

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