Jackery Air Mobile Charger

Jackery-Air-1 - LumberJac

The Jackery Air will give new life to all your portable devices. We find our devices are always running low on juice, especially this new iPhone. Even when we find an available outlet we never have enough time to recharge, especially when we’re on the run. Whether you’re jumping from meeting to meeting, or stuck way out in the backcountry, a full charge is as good as gold. The Jackery Air is the thinnest premium mobile charger offering up to 5000mAH of power capacity. Basically the size of an iPhone, the Jackery Air will give you about an extra 110 hours of operation time. It features a LED status indicator and four layers of smart safety battery protection that will last up to 6 months on stand by. If you’re looking for something smaller, take a look at the Jackery Mini, or if you need a huge boost in power you’ll need to take a peak at the Jackery Giant.

The Jackery Air, Mini, and Giant are all available through Amazon.

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