Livescribe Notebooks by Moleskine


Digitize your thoughts with the new Livescribe Notebooks by Moleskine. We’re addicted to old fashioned pen and paper and feel there’s nothing quite like it. However, there can be one draw back, it can be a pain when transferring your latest idea, brilliant logo, or those notes onto your smart device/computer, especially when you want the exact look and feel. Livescribe Notebooks by Moleskine have taken their iconic design to a creative new level. In this new series they utilize Livescribe Smartpens to capture and transfer your scribbles and audio. Made with all the standard details that Moleskine customers are accustomed too (like rounded corners, ribbon bookmark, and elastic closure), the Livescribes version uses coloured acid-free paper with high tech features such as smartpen buttons and controls. If you like the feel of a pen and paper than employ a revolutionary tool to gather your thoughts exactly how you wrote them down.

Pre-order you Livescribe notebooks at Moleskine’s online store and don’t forget to order your Smartpen on