R180 Panorama Backpack

r180-Panorama-backpack-1 - LumberJac

The R180 Panorama Backpack is for when every second counts, or you’re like us and just too lazy to constantly take your pack on and off. This backpack allows you to instantly rotate the integrated beltpack (a redesigned 90’s hipsack) so you can quickly access select gear. Designed for photographers, this would also make for the perfect hiking, travel, and even urban commuting backpack. We’ve often left our big cameras at home and opted for a compact point-and-shoot for reasons of accessibility. Storing your camera in your pack is a huge pain in the ass, especially when you need to haul it out every time you want a quick shot. Carrying it in one hand drastically reduces your maneuverability when you’re hiking or on the run, and hanging off the neck is just plain ridiculous. If you’re not a photographer or rarely take shots this is still a viable back when you need to quickly access select gear, snacks, phone, wallet, etc. The backpack will hold 16.6 L, and you’ll be able to get about 5.4 L in the beltpack, maxing out at roughly 22 L. The R180 Panorama Backpack is made with superior water resistant 420D high density nylon with a water-repellant coating. If you want full waterproof action, MindShift sells the optional seam-sealed rain cover for those extreme rain conditions. The pack also features an optional dedicated hydration pocket that will hold about 2 L. It’s lightweight, offers plenty of options for attaching additional gear or your tripod, and includes a few quick access exterior pockets.

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