USAG 2LV Long Tool Box

USAG-2LV-Long-Tool-Box-1 - LumberJac

Your oversized tools can now get a good night sleep in the USAG 2LV Long Tool Box. You probably have a handful of tools that are just a touch too long to fit in your Trusco 2-Lever Box and end up homeless. This is where the USAG 2LV Long Box comes into play, it’s 21″ long by about 8″ wide and includes a removable second level compartment. It features a overlapping two flap lid, double handle and lock holes. The USAG brand continues to manufacture out of Italy like they originally did in 1926. The USAG 2LV Long Tool Box is made with super tough sheet steel that is coated using electropheretic deposition (one of the most common ways to coat paint cars), resulting in a premium thick coating of paint.

Get your Trusco Tool Box a companion and pick up the USAG 2LV Long Box at Hand Eye Supply’s online store.

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