WIndmill All Weather Lighter


The Windmill All Weather Lighter, the spark that just might save your ass… I’ve been searching for a quality lighter for sometime, one that would accompany me on camping trips no matter the elements. I’ve seen a number including the Turboflame, UST Trekker Stormproof, and the Visol Storm lighter, but no one can agree whether to luv em’ or hate em’. Enter the Windmill AWL-10. This lighter has the potential to rise from the ashes as an ideal backcountry torch. It checks a lot of the boxes we look for such as a proven history (Windmill has been around since the 1920’s). Secondly, the design is lightweight and free of unnecessary bulky cases. Finally, the true outdoors test, is its ability to withstand 70-80 mph winds as well as function under -40F (although I would truly like to put this to the test). The Windmill is made in Japan out of a full aluminum case, water resistant o-ring seals, a piezo-electric ignition system, and is the perfect size for storing in your pocket. The Windmill AWL-10 butane lighter would undeniably be a great asset for any outdoors man, anytime, anywhere.

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