Yeti SB5 Carbon Mountain Bike


The all new 2015 Yeti SB5 Carbon Mountain Bike will leave you with a permagrin. If you break down the sport of mountain biking, there are some key factors to having a great time. The first is getting out and ripping up your favorite trail. Second is enjoying the backcountry, and last but not least is having a bike that will make it a heavenly experience. The new Yeti SB5 C is one of the most solid bikes out there. They took bump smashing 303 Rail Technology and merged it with Switch Technology to create an all new innovative suspension design appropriately called Switch Infinity. How it works is simple (maybe not that simple), it allows for opposite characteristics to exist in one element. Allowing for subtle absorption of the smallest bumps with the greatest of pedal efficiency that adapts accordingly to hard edge hits. In laymen terms, this bike is a bomb that will hammer through every condition your heart desires. Riding alongside this fab tech is its 5″ travel, 5.1lbs frame (yes, you heard me right), Fox front and rear shocks and SRAM/Shimano groupo. As we’ve mentioned before, Yeti is one of our fav’s and their constant attention to details and dedication to innovation continues to make them a bike we lust over. I think it’s time to replace my Yeti ASR.

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