Bushbox Ultralight Outdoor Pocket Stove


Preparedness is a pocket away with the Bushbox Ultralight Outdoor Pocket Stove. While out hiking or fishing, we loathe carrying a ton of shit that slows us down. We often try to pair down to the basics, forgoing the heavy bulky items to leave room for the best performing minimal gear. The Bushbox Ultralight Outdoor Pocket Stove by Bushcraft Essentials is a quality stove that transforms into a lean mean burning machine. Made in Germany from .3mm stainless steel, this multi-fuel stove can be powered by Tranfia burner, Esbit/hexmine tablets, gel fuel cans or wood. Weighting in at 61 grams in its lightest configuration, the Bushbox handily packs away at a moments notice (even when you’ve just finished cooking).

Stay prepared and pick up your full functioning multi-fuel stove at Amazon.com.