Bushcraft 101 – Survival Field Guide

Bushcraft-101-Guide-1 - LumberJac

Survival school is in session with the Bushcraft 101 Survival Field Guide. Summer may be over but that doesn’t stop us from hitting the backcountry. If you’re new to the sport, or looking forward to refreshing those backcountry survival skills than take a read of Dave Canterbury’s new Bushcraft 101 Guide. In this guide Dave covers the essentials of your pack/s, specifics of tools (knives, saws, axes, sharpening and safety), details on ropes (webbing and knots), the basics of cooking and cooking tools, shelter, and sleeping arrangements, and getting combustion. Further into the book he covers setting up camp, navigating terrain, resources of trees, and the appropriate info on trapping and dealing with your catch. Keep in-mind it’s a 101 so if you’re a backcountry guru, you won’t learn much, but if you’re looking for a refresher, or new to the backcountry, this is a great start. It’s an easy read, well laid out, and utilizes nice illustrations (wish there were more).

Available in Paperback or Kindle directly through Amazon.com or on iTunes for all your iProducts.

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